Savings thanks to digitalization
With the app, it's up to
savings thanks to the 2 hours saved per day per site for field teams.
Reduction inspections
Thanks to Data Science, it's
fewer on-site inspections to monitor your network.

You will be in good company

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They share their success stories with you

It is obvious that we have totally improved our risk management. Eezytrace is a reassuring tool for us.

Mickaël Pactat
Food Safety and CSR Manager - AREAS Headquarters
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We can now identify our sites experiencing the most difficulties, and carry out action plans before an incident occurs.

Denys Hayer
Food Safety Officer
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Available languages
18 million
digitized self-checks
each year
users relieved from paper
thanks to the mobile application
300 Directors
& Quality Managers
with improved management

Eezytrace worldwide with our partner SGS

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If you need to convince your team

This investment is financially attractive

Eezytrace allows you to save money:
- by reducing the time spent on paper-based tasks by up to 2 hours per day per site;
- by eliminating the costs associated with paper (procurement, printing, archiving);
- by reducing site visits (and the budget that goes with them) by 25% to 50%;
- by reducing the time spent on training and post-training follow-up for each employee by 30%;

and by having (finally!) a continuous view of the practices of all your sites.

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Eezytrace is the world's most flexible self-checks application

We build Eezytrace tailor-made to your procedures, screen by screen, thanks to a unique panel of over 100 different types ofself-checks , which are then customised for you.

You are free to rent or buy the hardware (Android tablets and connected objects), through us or the supplier of your choice.

You decide whether you need us to train users and/or trainers. On site, remotely or with videos.

Our APIs are available to you if you wish to integrate Eezytrace into your Information System.

And if you wish, you can even provide first-level user support yourself.

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Deployment is fast

Eezytrace is ready to use within 6 weeks, including customisation based on your procedures.
We equip some of the largest companies in the world. Thanks to them, we have experience of large-scale, multi-country deployments.

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The Mobile Application is - really - easy to use

Without user acceptance, there would be no success.
Eezytrace is renowned for its ease of use. And as self-checks is digitally adapted to your procedures, change is even easier.
The ergonomics have been designed to suit all users, without language or knowledge barriers.
After only a few days, employees love their new digital solution and never go back to paper.
Don't just take our word for it. Try it yourself.

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The solution can be integrated into your current information system

Take advantage of the flexibility of the solution and the ability of our teams to create the necessary gateways to the tools you already use. Our technical experts are at your disposal to work with your IT department and fight against Shadow IT.

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We do more than just the basics for data security

Data security is in our DNA. We continually invest our time and effort to provide a level of assurance that our customers can rely on.
Our Information Systems Security Policy (ISSP) is available on request. As well as the results of independent penetration tests.
We also adapt to the security requirements of your CISO, for example by managing authorisations and passwords according to your standards: complexity, validity period, double authentication, etc.

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How the food sector is revolutionizes its risk management

A 36-page step-by-step guide to Smart Compliance
White Paper Smart Compliance

Ready to adopt Smart Compliance?

Digitalize your self-checks. Automate your risk management.