The solution for food retailers

From convenience stores to hypermarkets with several full-service sections (Deli, Bakery etc.), including drive-through service and themed counters, Eezytrace Food Retail enables you to manage your self-checks efficiently, no matter how your stores are laid out.

Why the sector calls on us

Control In-Store Quality

The quality of the products and services in each shop, and therefore of the whole brand, is a strategic issue: protect your customers, ensure traceability, avoid food poisoning, improve audit results, etc.

Optimize product monitoring in the full-service sections and self-service aisles.

Checking the expiry dates of products on the shelf one by one manually is very time consuming... with no guarantee that no product will be out of date when purchased!
In full-service sections, waste represents a critical budget.
In self-service sections, the risk of customer dissatisfaction, or even health problems, is permanent.

Save time

In a context of staff cuts and time-consuming covid measures, employees on site need help in terms of data inputs, storage, traceability etc.
HQ advisors and managers are also seeking to limit work travel.

Facing these issues?

See the outcomes

Avoid tons
of food waste

Thanks to our Expiration Date Tracking feature for full-service as well as self-service products, get notified and waste less!

Up to 1 hour
saved per department per day

Expiration date alerts, simplified label traceability, temperature monitoring...

Improve audit results

Compliance with quality and regulatory standards is improved: self-checks, label traceability, cleaning logs...

Better peace of mind

...thanks to the tablets, providing you with support in the field. And to the Web Portal, enabling you to monitor various shops remotely.

The self-checks most used by Food Retailers

Food safety - HACCP

Recipe Cards

To standardize recipes. The quantities of raw materials and the secondary use-by date are calculated automatically. It can also integrate the traceability of labels and allergens.

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Cleaning and Disinfection Plan

Help your staff know what surfaces need to be cleaned and when.

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Incoming Goods

Packaging, best-before dates, delivery schedule... monitor your suppliers on a daily basis and remotely.

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Self-Service and Full-Service Sections

Sales and Withdrawals

To keep track of products that need to be removed from the shelves (deli, meat & poultry, cheese...). Products can be identified with their PLU code.

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Expiration Date Tracking

Be aware of product expiry dates and save over an hour per section each day.

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Temperature Monitoring

Monitor cold rooms manually or with automatic sensors. Be notified in real-time.

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Benefits valued by the sector


You benefit from the flexibility of the solution in all areas (self-checks setup, security, training, etc.).


Your teams will quickly get familiar with the solution, thanks to our intuitive application.

Customer Success

A consultant will be dedicated to you (training, customer support, changes in settings, etc.).

They share their experiences

Carrefour Express

Eezytrace has changed the way I work. Our teams got the hang of the application in less than a week.


A very simple solution for all our employees with a fast, efficient implementation.

Jean-François Soudais
Intermarché Outlet Member and Chairman of the Board of ITM Food, Paris region
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