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Bakeries, butcheries, branches or franchisees of a big brand, or independent businesses... make your food safety more reliable, reduce food waste, manage your energy consumption, digitalize maintenance logs... and discover Eezytrace Score, the assistant that will continuously assess your site's level of risk, without changing location.


Why the sector calls on us

The traditional system, based on assessments sheets and massive on-site visit management, no longer makes sense to them.

Our clients have long realized that paper-based compliance self-checks and massive on-site visits done blindly are no longer acceptable. If you take into consideration the cost of paper, the disregard for the teams, the waste of human work travels and the associated air pollution... all these efforts will still leave you blind on the daily practices of each site.

The time the teams spend on compliance checks could be better used on their core catering activities.

One of the main goals of digitalization is to improve the daily life of the teams, to help them save time while making all the daily actions related to compliance monitoring more efficient and pleasant. This means more time and energy spent doing their job and welcoming customers.

Food safety, HACCP, waste management, sustainability and employee consideration are critical issues

Ensuring the health of its customers, wasting less, eliminating paper, reducing unnecessary travel, allowing employees to work in pleasant conditions, fighting against turnover, etc. These issues are so important to handle that they pushed our clients to take action.

Facing these issues?

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Avoid paper, waste and changing locations

Self-checks sheets, label traceability, paper procedures, anticipation of product use-by dates, etc.

Up to 2 hours saved per day per site

Time saved to do his job.

Automatic continuous risk analysis

Transform your risk management approach with the Automated Auditing that continuously analyses the compliance of each of your sites.

Improvements in the daily lives of staff

From on-site teams to field and head office managers... now everyone has the means to carry out their duties on a daily basis.

The most used self-checks


Secondary use-by dates

The secondary date is automatically calculated. To avoid errors, the application will pick the closest date: the manufacturer's best-before date or the use-by date after opening.

+ Label Printing

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Recipe Cards

To standardize recipes. The quantities of raw materials and the secondary use-by date are calculated automatically. It can also integrate the traceability of labels and allergens.

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Payment Methods

Is there enough change? Or a credit card device?... Make sure outlets are compliant with your brand's guidelines when it comes to payment methods

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Cleaning and Disinfection Plan

Help your staff know what surfaces need to be cleaned and when.

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Temperature Monitoring

Monitor cold rooms manually or with automatic sensors. Be notified in real-time.

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Benefits valued by the sector


You benefit from the flexibility of the solution in all areas (self-checks setup, security, training, etc.).


Your teams will quickly get familiar with the solution, thanks to our intuitive application.

Customer Success

A consultant will be dedicated to you (training, customer support, changes in settings, etc.).

Testimonials & Case Studies

We can now identify our sites experiencing the most difficulties, and carry out action plans before an incident occurs.

Denys Hayer
Food Safety Officer
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