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The Eezytrace app supports your teams in the field at all times, relieving them from paperwork and making their daily lives easier. Show your teams their daily actions are key to your pursuit of excellence.
Eezytrace is easy to use and gears exactly to your standard practices.

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I know what assessments
I need to carry out  and how

Why is the Eezytrace mobile application so popular among its users?
Because it is easy and fun to use. It's simple like that.


Our Customer Success team works with you to define the work situations you want to make available to your teams, and then adjusts each screen and self-check to your procedures. Eezytrace users are quick to pick up the solution since its is based on their brand practices.


Knowing every line of the procedures by heart, being afraid of making a mistake, onboarding a new team member... strict adherence to good practice is incredibly stressful. Eezytrace is designed to relieve its users: at any time, I can open PDF documents or specific videos, and the application tells me what to do in each situation.


From now on, the detection and handling of non-compliances no longer generate a feeling of failure and complexity. Eezytrace helps to automatically detect non-compliances and displays what corrective actions need to be taken.

Automatic data synchronization

Don't worry about data backup.
When your internet connection works properly, Eezytrace takes care of synchronizing and securing your data automatically.
And when your connection is down, keep calm and trust Eezytrace: our solution works 100% offline. Even with connected objects.

Digitalize your self-checks.
No limits

Food safety / HACCP, Quality, Security, Energy consumption monitoring, Employee health, Marketing, Traceability, Waste monitoring and sorting system, Equipment maintenance log...

Eezytrace includes a self-check creation engine, allowing us to create on-the-fly data entry screens that will be used to monitor the compliance of your activities.

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Make your product temperature measurements more reliable

With wireless thermometers connected to Eezytrace, there is no need to enter product temperatures. Data entry is automated, fast and reliable.

Make continuous temperature  monitoring easier, and be alerted in real time

Continuous temperature monitoring (cold rooms, display cases, ambient) is as critical as it is time consuming for your staff. Temperature sensors allow you to monitor temperatures effortlessly, and be alerted 24/7 in case of failure.

Print your own labels

The wireless label printers connected to Eezytrace will allow you to print out customized labels, for your secondary expiration dates or any other piece of information that needs to be displayed.

Ready to adopt Smart Compliance?

Digitalize your self-checks. Automate your risk management.