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From managing the expiry dates of products in shops to ensuring that your infrastructure is in good working order, not to mention the food safety of your points of sale, Eezytrace Gas Stations and Freeway enables you to apply your brand standards to all your sites worldwide. Not forgetting Eezytrace Score, the assistant that continuously analyzes the risk of your sites for you.

Why the sector calls on us

Ensure the same high standards throughout the world

The application of brand quality standards, regardless of site location, is a strategic issue: avoid out-of-date products on the shelves, show impeccable cleanliness, prevent food poisoning, etc.

Save time

Gas station employees have to perform numerous tasks, during long opening hours, with very few customer-free moments. Running self-checks, daily station tours, temperature entries for the many cold rooms, cleaning tasks, traceability... the less time you waste, the more you can devote to customer satisfaction.

Get to oversee a variety of activities and outlets

Convenience stores, coffee shops, restaurant, outdoor areas (pumps, playgrounds...). Since procedures differ depending on the areas and brands operated, choose a solution that will gear to your standards and practices, not the other way around.

Facing these issues?

See the outcomes

900 sheets of paper
saved per station

every year.
Avoiding paper waste matters.

Up to 2 hours
saved per day

thanks to the expiry date tracking for products on the shelves, automatic temperature monitoring, digital storage, etc.

Reduce up to 50%
of on-site visits

Avoid unnecessary on-site visits with the Automated Auditing feature which continuously monitors your outlets' compliance.
Save on audits, analyses, and reduce travel-related emissions by 50kg of CO2 per station per year.

Better peace of mind

thanks to the support provided by the tablets in the field, as well as automatic data transfer: no need to look for unreturned assessment sheets throughout the stations

The most used self-checks in gas stations

Food safety - HACCP

Expiration Date Tracking

Be aware of product expiry dates and save over an hour per section each day.

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Food Safety

More than 40 types ofself-checks are available.

Our Customer Success team will design self-checks for you based on your HACCP procedures.

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Temperature Monitoring

Monitor cold rooms manually or with automatic sensors. Be notified in real-time.

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Incoming Goods

Packaging, best-before dates, delivery schedule... monitor your suppliers on a daily basis and remotely.

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Exploitation of the gas station

Gas Station Signage

In-station display: price display order, legal information (photo, declaration, access to best practices).

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Daily Station Tour

Signs, prices, cleanliness, safety features, staff presence... Customize your checklists and help site managers carry out their daily overall site inspections.

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Benefits valued by the sector


You benefit from the flexibility of the solution in all areas (self-checks setup, security, training, etc.).


Your teams will quickly get familiar with the solution, thanks to our intuitive application.

Customer Success

A consultant will be dedicated to you (training, customer support, changes in settings, etc.).

They share their experiences

We can now identify our sites experiencing the most difficulties, and carry out action plans before an incident occurs.

Denys Hayer
Food Safety Officer
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