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Quality self-checks in in the production process, Clean-in-place, behavioral safety, hourly rate monitoring, production downtime... Eezytrace digitizes daily monitoring data directly on the production lines. Dashboards are now available without any data re-entry.

Whatever you manufacture or pack, send us your self-checks, we'll do the rest.

Why the sector calls on us

A need to make manufacturing data collection more reliable and to help operators of the production line

Whether it is for quality, safety, sustainability or health monitoring purposes, paper-based data entry represents a critical flaw in the process: mandatory data may not be filled in, operators are not guided and managers have no way of monitoring practices.

No more time wasted on re-entering data from assessment sheets to feed your reporting process

There are plenty of reporting needs, such as the operational monitoring of the plant, all kinds of reporting to the head office or customers, audits, etc. It is no longer acceptable to have one or even two dedicated employees waste their time on paper-based daily collection and re-entry of data in order to build reports.

A need to be able to monitor on-site production compliance

Ensuring the health and safety of employees, product quality, compliance with environmental standards, production KPIs, energy consumption, etc. These issues are so important to handle, they pushed our clients to take action.

Facing these issues?

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Less paper

Get rid of assessment sheets and procedures... say goodbye to paper.

30 hours saved per week

No more data re-entries.
Your reports are now automatically updated.

Improved audit results

Customer, ISO or internal audits: paper-based self-checks are a recurring source of non-compliance.

Automatic reporting

Analyze your data and make your operations more efficient. The less time you spend on managing self-assessments, the more you get to focus on tasks with added value. 

The most used self-checks by manufacturers

Food safety - HACCP

Metal and Foreign Object Detection

Check and report safety deviations.

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Product Weight

Moisture, dry weight, filling weight... Make sure your daily production is compliant.

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Product Color, Shape...

Ensure the quality of the final product.

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Moisture & Density

Let our Customer Success team customize the data and limits you need to monitor.

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Process Deviation

Manage non-compliances and focus on hot spots.

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Production Downtime

Line, downtime, duration, reason... Check KPIs in real time, from your office.

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Production Declaration and Hourly Rates

<span>Monitor the efficiency of on-site production.</span>

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Benefits valued by the sector


You benefit from the flexibility of the solution in all areas (self-checks setup, security, training, etc.).


Your teams will quickly get familiar with the solution, thanks to our intuitive application.

Customer Success

A consultant will be dedicated to you (training, customer support, changes in settings, etc.).

Testimonials & Case Studies

We can now identify our sites experiencing the most difficulties, and carry out action plans before an incident occurs.

Denys Hayer
Food Safety Officer
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